Lakes and ponds have been created at the heart of the project, with extensive gardens and green areas surrounding the development. The lakes will have a total area of approximately 3,000 square meters and the area will be complete with sidewalks, gazebos, and bridges.

The construction plans include the installation of water features, such as waterfalls, clear water ponds for fish and birds, and brackish water ponds, while the roads within the development will have attractive tree islands, pavements, and special quality street lighting, all designed to create a pleasant environment for its inhabitants. When complete, the project will have its own tertiary sewage treatment plant which will produce water suitable for irrigation, keeping the surrounding areas in beautiful condition.

An area of 6,000 square meters of beach land will be designated for public use and enjoyment. All public utilities will be located underground, while the street lights and lampposts will be imported from Italy.

The water features will be brought to life with fish and birds, including pelicans, swans, and ducks imported from Holland. Mature trees will be brought in from Cyprus, Israel, and Spain, and planted throughout the project.
These include cypresses, olive and carob trees, poplars and palms, as well as pine and other forest trees.

Overall, only 18% of the total area of the site will be built up, with 56% dedicated to common and private gardens, with the remainder allowed for roads and footpaths.


The project is located in the seaside area known as Kiti, within the village boundaries of Meneou in the Larnaca district, Cyprus. It lies between the beachfront and the coastal road which connects the development locality with the villages of Meneou and Pervolia,

which are located approximately 2.5Km away.
The project is located approximately 5Km west of Larnaca International Airport and 6Km west of Larnaca town.

The project is approximately 35 minutes’ drive from the capital Nicosia, 30 minutes from Ayia Napa, 45 minutes from Limassol, and 90 minutes from Pafos. All of the above can be accessed via four-lane motorways.

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