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The fall boasts a truly unique allure in Cyprus. Much warmer than anywhere else in Europe, autumn in Cyprus is ideal for excursions and outdoor ventures, especially in the mountainous area of Troodos.

Below, you will find some of the most romantic spots of the Troodos mountains that are easily accessible and allow you to fully cherish nature’s beauty


  1. Kelefos Bridge

Kelefos Bridge

Kelefos Bridge is a picturesque medieval bridge accessible only by foot. It will take a bit of walking through the densely wooded slopes of Troodos, but the view and the wonderful landscape are truly worth it.

Just drive to the village of Kaminaria and then take the path that leads to the bridge, lined with balmy pines and golden-brown leaves.


  1. Platres

The beautiful small village of Platres is located up in the Troodos mountains around the Limassol area, at an altitude of 1,100 metres. You can get there from Limassol by taking the B8 track and then the F825 that leads to Kato Platres.  

This scenic village looks like a natural amphitheatre, with one part of the village being much higher than the other. That’s why it is divided into Pano (upper) and Kato (Lower) Platres. Platres has become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over Europe in its picturesque little hotels.


  1. The Caledonia Waterfall

The Caledonia Waterfall

The Caledonia Waterfall took its name from the ancient name of Scotland, due to some Scots who used to visit regularly the Platres area at the end of the 19th century. It is located a couple of kilometres to the north of Platres. Caledonia Waterfall is one of the tallest natural waterfalls in Cyprus, with the water falling from a height of at least 12 metres.  


  1. Platanias Forest

Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Platanias Forest, and take mesmerising photos of the autumn attire of the Troodos mountains. Platanias forest attracts mostly families that love picnics out in the countryside, as well as ardent hikers and romantic couples.

The Platanias Forest station is located around 5km away from Kakopetria village. Local authorities have created a designated area for camping and caravans.  


  1. Kakopetria Village

Kakopetria village

Perched up on the slopes of Troodos, hidden within the green of its forests and drenched in its invigorating alpine breezes, Kakopetria seems so generously gifted by mother nature that it is hard to stay away and not visit the place at least once every fall.

With Mount Olympus towering above the village and its hospitable residents, Kakopetria is without a doubt one of the most beautiful villages of the whole island, boasting exquisite traditional architecture that hasn’t changed during the last 150 years. 


  1. Clarios River

A green apparel weaved with nature’s most beautiful hues falls over Kakopetria village, but this idyllic scenery is further enriched with two confluents of the Clarios river that join each other in the heart of the village and supply the inhabitants with fresh water. The site is famous for its soothing, almost hypnotic sound of the running water, making it an ideal place for relaxation and rest. 


  1. Pedoulas

Pedoulas village

Pedoulas lies on the northern slopes of Troodos, at an altitude of 1,200 metres, being the highest village of Marathasa valley. The village’s history goes back at the medieval times when Cyprus was part of the Byzantine Empire. Tourists and visitors enjoy the excellent climate and splendid landscape while savouring a large variety of local fruits and crystal-clear water.


Cyprus may be famed as a top-notch summer-time destination, but those who have lived on the island at least for a year know very well that the island remains an earthly paradise all year round.

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