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Life in Cyprus inner

A life in Cyprus is like no other and that’s why it’s such a popular place to relocate too. Business professionals and those seeking a more pleasant retirement have discovered all the benefits of living on the beautiful island.

A beautiful country in the perfect location

Cyprus has been a centre for business for many centuries, partly due to the fantastic location of the island, perfectly placed to make trade and business easy within all of Europe, Asia and Africa. This makes it a big draw for business investors.

A rich history

The island of Cyprus is steeped in history, and you’ll discover many well preserved sites of historic, religious and archaeological significance when you begin to explore the island.

A wonderful climate all year round

One of the biggest advantages of living in Cyprus is the weather. With around 320 sunny days every year, it gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your down time, and sunshine goes a long way towards reducing stress levels and just making you feel happier.

Culture and entertainment abound

There’s always something fun and interesting going on in Cyprus. From festivals to sporting events, whatever your interests, you’ll find events to suit you and your family here.

The perfect location for sports and outdoor activities

In Cyprus you’re always close to ocean, so you can partake in water sports every day. Cyprus is a world renowned centre for diving and there are many schools for you to learn from the experts. With a wealth of nature trails, you can hike and cycle for many miles discovering some rare plants and wildlife and taking in some breathtaking views.

Healthy and delicious cuisine

The food of Cyprus is also unique. Healthy Mediterranean food with a Middle Eastern twist. You’ll find some amazing restaurants, cafes and bars here. It’s the perfect place for family outings, romantic dinners and for entertaining business clients.

Great options for buying and renting property

There are many great properties available all over the island, with options to buy or rent at a good price. Both residential properties and business premises are easy to find. You’ll find the rents on commercial properties much lower that you’re used to across continental Europe.

Fantastic healthcare

Cyprus has a very good healthcare system and has been ranked as one of the healthiest countries in the Mediterranean by the World Health Organisation. With the recent introduction of a national health scheme, healthcare in Cyprus just continues to improve.

A very low crime rate

Cyprus is an incredibly safe place to live and to run a business. It’s actually the 5th safest country in the world. You’ll feel safe both during the day and after dark here, and this makes it the perfect place to raise a family without fear for their safety.

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