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Space technology is a unique way to promote blue growth in Cyprus said Transport Minister Vasiliki Anastassiadou addressing the International Space Forum in Italy.

 Blue economy sectors in Cyprus employ over 20,000 people who produce approximately €623 mln, representing 3.2% of the national economy and 5.4% of jobs, while coastal tourism represents 74% of blue economy jobs, Anastassiadou noted.

She said marine and coastal tourism sectors have recorded a significant increase which is equal to 85% of total employment of the various blue economy sectors.

Maritime transport, she said, is the second biggest blue economy sector which is recording an impressive upward trend of 13% as a ratio of blue economy total employment.

“These trends are related to Cyprus’ strategic goal to further promote commercial shipping and to exploit hydrocarbon reserves in the Republic of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone.”

Cyprus, she pointed out, is very active in space technology services, adding that until today 10 licenses have been granted to organisations for launching telecommunications satellites using ITU concessions.

Anastassiadou argued that space technology is a unique way to promote blue growth in Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

It can be used through satellite pictures, data and communications for applications such as dealing with natural disasters, measuring water quality, monitoring agriculture, the environment and natural resources management, as well as the sustainable use of land, urban growth and immigration.

Cyprus recently made steps to open two Centres of Excellence which will contribute in research and the development of activities in blue growth which will be co-funded by the European Commission and Cyprus. 

The first centre is the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence (EXCELSIOR), expected to create 200 new jobs, and the second is the Research, Innovation and Marine and Shipping Technology Centre.

*Article is from Cyprus Space Technology to increase economy growth. Retrieved from*

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