A lot of well-known brands are present in Cyprus, with almost every city offering souvenir shops, jewellery shops, fur salons, and designer clothes stores. In Limassol, the main location for shopping lovers is the central avenue of the city – Makarios Avenue, on which you will find expensive international brands of shoes and clothing. More affordable shops are located on Aneksartisias street in the old town, which is where one can find such widely appreciated brands as Zara, Mango, Topshop, Bershka and others.

In Nicosia, the central location for shopping is called Makarios Avenue. Here, and in the adjacent Stasikratius Street, is where one can find boutiques of famous brands. In the resort towns, there are also plenty of stores so, if you wish, you can enjoy shopping for branded clothing, shoes, and accessories there as well.

Lifestyle in Cyprus

Despite the wide variety of brands available, the main interest of consumers is usually in things that are part of the island’s traditional culture. This includes quality jewellery, Cypriot wine, olive oils, and products of folk crafts, such as the Lefkara lace.

There are two periods of sales in Cyprus – the first one officially begins after Christmas and lasts until March, and the second lasts from mid-July to mid-September. However, one may enjoy a fantastic shopping experience all year round.


Ayia Napa

The resort with the richest nightlife in Cyprus is undoubtedly the town of Ayia Napa, which is particularly popular among young people. This is where the highest concentration of nightclubs and bars of all possible types and sizes can be found. As it gets dark, the centre of Ayia Napa turns into one big nightclub with many dance floors and bars.


Despite the fact that Paphos is one of the calmest and relaxing resorts in Cyprus, it also has plenty of nightclubs. The city has its own "bar street", which is located in the tourist area not far from the coastline, so the music does not bother anyone.


Limassol represents a more luxurious side of Cyprus’ nightlife, with its expensive clubs and many bars located along the coastline. Limassol’s nightclubs often invite celebrities and DJs to arrange open-air concerts.

Nicosia & Larnaca

Nicosia has a large number of original nightclubs. All bars, restaurants, and cafes in the capital offer a fresher perspective on entertainment, than places such as Ayia Napa. One of the most famous bars of Nicosia is on the top-hundred list of the best bars in the world. Nightlife in Larnaca is centred around a palm promenade and pedestrian zones with taverns, cafes, and bars, some of which play live music and disco.


A long time ago, Cyprus gained an exceptional reputation as an amiable and safe place among tourists from all over the world. It is widely known that Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. This is mostly because the island's government spends significant funds maintaining safety and order in the country.

The coordinated work of police and intelligence agencies of the country should be mentioned – they instantly react, even to the slightest threat of terrorist attacks. In Cyprus, there is a practice of deportation for even a minor suspicion of being involved in a terrorist group. In 2015, the island’s security system was completely renovated and modernized. The latest equipment and technologies were installed at airports, ports, and  all passport control locations.


Government System

Presidential Democratic Republic


9251 km2



Member of the European Union

Since 2004

National currency


Legal system


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