The World Health Organization ranks Cyprus as one of the healthiest countries in the Mediterranean.

Quality of healthcare in Cyprus is high and life expectancy statistics compare favourably with those of other western countries. Many doctors are trained in the UK, and people living in many Middle Eastern countries choose to visit Cyprus for medical treatment. Every town in Cyprus contains a Government hospital, which charge low fees for medical care. Additionally, there are numerous private clinics offering skilled specialist physicians in every field. According to Government statistics, there is one doctor for every 370 persons, a dentist for every 1,100 persons and a nurse for every 215 persons. Visiting a doctor can cost from €30 to €50 and X-rays will cost approximately €50.


It’s impossible to give reliable price information for health insurance, as premiums and conditions are constantly changing in this highly competitive market. Generally speaking, private medical insurance can be purchased relatively inexpensively, and for residents of Cyprus, whether they are Cypriot or not, private medical insurance starts at €300 per annum. Standard options cover only public sector hospitals and clinics. More comprehensive options (approximately €1500 a year) include expenses incurred at private medical hospitals and clinics. The primary difference between these options is with the maximum coverage they provide. Different plans will cover up to €2M per year, up to €100K per year or up to €40K per year. E.U. citizens (since 2004) are now considered to be locals in government hospitals. This means that foreigners can now enjoy the same benefits in health care as locals, making health care virtually free for retired or low income people.


The Social Insurance Scheme under the ‘Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance’(MLSI) provides monetary benefits for retirement, illness, disability, old age, marriage, maternity, orphanhood, unemployment, widowhood, death, and employment injury. Citizens of Cyprus, and anyone legally employed in Cyprus, are eligible for social insurance. EU citizens who are pensioners/retirees are also eligible.

Government System

Presidential Democratic Republic


9251 km2



Member of the European Union

Since 2004

National currency


Legal system


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